The device for garbage collection
The device is used for walking Pets. It makes it easier to clean up after the animals.
The device for collecting biological waste is used for walking Pets. It helps to clean up biological waste quickly and easily. The device has a vacuum fence, telescopic tube. When you press the button on the handle extends the telescopic tube. The device starts to work when you press the button on the back of the handle directly under your finger. Waste bags are easy to fill. The tube does not get dirty. Packaging of waste is made immediately upon ingress into the device. They pass along the entire length of the tube to the container in a compressed and hermetically Packed form. The container is easily removed and shaken out. Only the tip of the tube that is easily removed will need to be washed. Garbage bags are environmentally friendly. Waste bags decompose. the device has a small size, convenient to use. The device looks compact and easy to carry and it will not cause inconvenience to the owner. To use such a device is not ashamed, on the contrary. it is stylish and comfortable.