Nursery of the Future
A high-tech learning and playing space for children in Dubai
UAE-based studio Roar has completed a nursery school in Dubai that features integrated technologies to encourage active play and introduce children to computer coding. The AREA 2071 initiative comprises a suite of programmes and infrastructure projects focused on future innovation. As part of the programme the Nursery of the Future is designed to be a prototype learning environment that eschews traditional subjects such as mathematics or reading, and instead confronts the contemporary challenge of "preparing children for jobs that don't yet exist". "One of the ways we bring this theory to life is by shunning traditional classrooms, instead creating 'learning studios'," the designer explained. "These spaces are flexible, adaptable and nimble, to accommodate different teaching and learning styles." The project is based on the four key pillars of "leadership, happiness & positivity, advanced sciences & artificial intelligence, and technology & coding,"