TACTEYE - Camera for Visually impaired
Tacteye is a portable device, where the visually impaired can independently experience what they see
The existing tactile tools for blind people today are mostly static and demand an immense effort to produce the output and realize them. Only the sighted decides what the visually impaired needs to experience. Tacteye is a portable dynamic tactile imaging device, where the user (Visually Impaired) is independent to experience what they desire. This portable device will enable the user to take imagery and experience it through the sense of sound and touch. The device consists of a camera, speaker and pins as pixels which works together to re-create the scene in a three-dimensional form with depth and volume. The product is not constricted to a handy digital device rather envisaged to be taken part of the holistic learning module. This pattern of collecting and interpreting information should be implemented as part of a learning mechanism and methodology. This allows people of a varied grade of ability to realize, express and share the experience, learn from others.