An assistive technology app for children with ADHD.
Tiimo is a Copenhagen-based company focused on creating positive change and social inclusion for the +200 million children suffering from ADHD, autism and other cognitive deficits worldwide. Our assistive technology app was designed for children with ADHD, but is now being used as a digital friend for people with a range of different special needs. With a user-friendly calendar, visual timer, icons and reminders, Tiimo is an all-in-one digital solution that promotes independence, while reducing stress and conflict. It is smart, reliable, non-stigmatizing and accessible, so you can bring it anywhere on any device for iOS and Android. It's also the first health app of it's kind for smartwatch. With it's pleasing visuals, ability to help with specific cognitive difficulties, design for joint use by a parent and young person, ease of use and improvement of daily routines, Tiimo is designed to improve life. Our goal is to get Tiimo into the hands of everyone who needs it.