CATCH: HIV Detector
"CATCH" is a low cost, easy to use, self-testing device which detects HIV.
"Catch" encourages people in developing countries (who are discouraged from travelling for miles to see a doctor) to check themselves for HIV at home. Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors in developing countries (including gender inequality, lack of infrastructure, poverty - the list goes on), a lot of people lack education. CATCH is extremely intuitive and can be used by anyone. It is designed to do all the thinking for the user and is operated in 3 easy steps; 1. Sliding the disinfectant sleeve over the finger. 2. Push down on the pipette/needle top 3. Press the button to see the result The device itself is partly made from recycled plastic bottles. This is to help combat the ever-rising issue of environmental deterioration (which is a contributing factor to what establishes a country as 'underdeveloped'). Catch has the potential to save millions of lives at a tiny production price of £4. Developing countries need products specifically designed for them.