Track, understand and improve how you work
ZEI is a beautiful 8-sided device that makes time tracking instant and fun. Accurately track your activities with a simple flip. ZEIº is a polygon device with a wireless connection to the computer. Through our software, users can assign a project to each face of the device and immediately start tracking time on a project just by placing the polygon to the corresponding project face up and stop the time by changing to another face or turning the device off. Given this, users can control time tracking within seconds and can therefore, add entries immediately without losing focus while opening and interacting with applications. We provide apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. They make it really easy to assign and reassign different clients or projects to each side of your ZEIº. Forgot to stop tracking as you left your workplace? Don't worry, you can use the mobile apps to stop and also edit tasks on the go.