Elün: A citizen science platform for conservation and monitoring of protected areas
Citizen science platform for monitoring of protected areas through visitors pictures of a park
Elün platform addresses the difficulties researchers have in relation to ecosystem and biodiversity preservation, in terms of how expensive monitoring stations are and the time it takes collecting data, going back and forth from the lab to where the stations are located. - Storage of photographs taken by people with their mobile devices, through an application specially developed for this purpose. This allow us get all the metadata of the image (date, time, GPS position, etc.) - System to process and analyze the pictures obtained through image recognition software, that traces and identify: people, trees, flowers, lakes, animals, clouds, etc. - Installation of low-cost weather stations within the park in order to authenticate analysis. - Display of data (crossing image metadata, image recognition info and weather station data) for research and decision-making by creating an interface that organize temporal and geographical information to allow diffusion and expert analysis.