Repowering London
A ‘renewable dynamo’ tackling fuel poverty with renewable power
In South London, a ‘renewable dynamo’ is tackling fuel poverty with renewable power – while showing the true democratic involvement of people power in the energy system. In the UK, the number of small-scale energy systems has jumped from a few thousand to over half a million – in part down to the Uruguayan-born, New York-raised community entrepreneur and artist Agamemnon Otero MBE. Started in 2011 by a group of volunteers in South London, his nonprofit energy cooperative Repowering London sees that communities, rather than individuals, engage with energy – to reduce CO2 emissions by generating decentralised low-carbon. Focusing on urban areas and working directly with people who live in fuel poverty, Repowering provides energy security by installing low carbon and renewable energy technologies on social housing, private sector buildings and national assets like disused brown field areas, along reservoirs and rail.