Human Longevity Inc.
Open Search Access to Data from Deep Sequencing of 10,000 Human Genomes
In a breakthrough study of the largest and most in-depth looks at the human genome, a team led by Amalio Telenti, M.D., Ph.D., and J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., found that up to 84% of a human genome can be deep sequenced with the specificity and precision required for clinical use. HLI is making data from over 10,000 genomes available to researchers through our Open Search tool. Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI) is the genomics-based, technology-driven company creating the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of whole genome, phenotype and clinical data. HLI is developing and applying large scale computing and machine learning to make novel discoveries to revolutionize the practice of medicine. HLI’s business also includes the HLI Health Nucleus, a genomic powered clinical research program which uses whole genome sequence analysis, advanced clinical imaging and innovative machine learning and curated personal health information, to deliver the most complete picture of individual health