These sleep aids help to find and follow our biological cycles, allowing restful optimal sleep.
The world’s population suffers from a growing lack of sleep ... and today it's a world public health issue ! Nyx proposes a solution from scientific researches focused on a new sleep method based on the respect of our biological sleep cycles. The user needs to self-observe during one week to determine an hour of recurrent fatigue, a sign of a sleep cycle start. As the sleep cycles are regular and last 1h30, it is easy to determine all of them. This approach offers much more restful deep sleep : for exemple, by sleeping only 4h30, we recover better than with 8 hours of basic sleep ! My project helps to follow this method while optimizing it. Nyx is adjustable on the observed fatigue hour to follow user-specific cycles. It works by magnetization : two balls move on its clock to determine the ideal times to fall asleep and wake up, closest to those desired. Moreover, it disconnects the phone by hiding it, while programming an alarm at the optimal time and reasonable recharge overnight.