WibiSmart ENVIRO
Sustainable wireless sensing
The WibiSmart ENVIRO provides effective means to monitor the environment, whether it is air, water, or soil quality. Its compact design uses the latest technology, yet being affordable, making it easy to deploy. Powered by light, it frees low-power electronics. By collecting data through the internet, it provides timely alerts and predictive analytics to improve emergency response to weather conditions and natural disasters. It helps better manage resources, such as water usage in irrigation, limit the use of fertilizers, measures water quality for safe bathing and fish farms, and assesses water waste level in cities. By gathering air quality information, it can determine air pollutants level, detect fire outbreaks and gas leaks. Giving access to environmental information to all citizens or enterprises, the ENVIRO helps organising large-scale environmental action to manage our pollution exposure and optimize our natural resources usage, thus ensuring a more sustainable ecosystem.