An urn improves the environmental disruption that caused from the funeral and brings extra benefits
An urn that not only uses bone ash to provide nutrition but also absorbs carbon dioxide and sun to subsist. Improves the environmental disruption that caused from the original funeral and brings extra benefits. Algae urn is under the condition of cremation. Cremation can reduce the waste of land resources and environmental pollution. But algae urn can also make full use of the bone ash and give back to the environment. Algae can use these resources and convert them into electric power and additional products. After some time of growing. The concentration of algae gets thicker. We can retrieve the algae and add the proper [ph] liquid so that the solution can return to the former condition(lower concentration). ? Use algae to perform Photosynthesis. An Algae kind of battery made of Cyanobacteria and Chlorella, they increase the source of power. And supports led lights. This can make into lamps and lanterns which blends in our everyday living. ?