Biggest solar-powered computer providing clean water, electricity and the Internet off-grid.
A generator that aims to deliver these fundamental things to the developing world. It uses photovoltaic solar panels to harvest energy and store it as electricity – which is then used to purify and desalinate water from oceans and rivers, generate electricity off-grid and allow Internet connectivity everywhere. The team is focused on helping communities in Africa by serving as many needs as possible with a single machine, without contributing to environmental damage. One Watly 3.0 solar-powered computer can purify 5,000 litres of water a day, while also providing free electricity and connectivity to communities of up to 3,000 people via a built-in router. Add-ons, such as a 3D printer or a cooling system can be fitted and excess electricity can charge gadgets like smartphones, lamps and laptops to help with education and work. The ultimate goal is that enough machines are built to create their own network – and then their own grid.