First non-medicinal solution in the form of a soft robotic friend that actively aids sleep
Somnox has multiple high-sensitive sensors that gather lots of data. Data that can be used to see whether one is awake or in a deep sleep. They created an artificial intelligent algorithm that can interpret the data to come up with a tailor-made ‘treatment’. Multiple studies have shown that breathing is one of the most important factors of a good night of sleep. A slow breathing rhythm can induce a person to sleep in minutes; the heart rate decreases and one becomes relaxed in minimal time. Multiple (sleep) experts, called somnologists, have helped develop Somnox. By studying the relationship between sleep and breathing, findings showed the amygdala in the brain is important for how one feels (emotion). It is found that breathing is of great influence on the amygdala and can therefore influence peace of mind.Sleep is the basis for good overall health.