Know your wildlife
Knowing the wildlife and being interested in it, allows us to take good care of our natural areas.
The intention of this project is to give young children knowledge of, and interest in, Danish natural areas and wildlife. And give them an understanding of how important it is to preserve our nature and our role in it. The project is designed as educational material for use in kindergartens. The concept consists of four pointing posters with an integrate app-universe in each, and an overview poster of animals. You can enter the app-universe by scanning the QR code in the corner of each poster. The posters show the habitats: the deciduous forest, the marsh, the beach and the lake. The app-universe is developed with focus on storytelling, where form follows function. The themes of app-universe is: Animal life, animal tracks in the woods, man's impact on nature, the food chain. The entire project is done in collaboration with Rødbæksgaard kindergarten through observations and workshops.