NEXO Tires
A flat free tire that can go on for at least 5.000km
Nexo tires are the next leap in flat free tire innovation. These are for riders who are looking for something light with improved performance. These tires are perfect for road cyclists, commuters, and anyone that hates getting flats. Nexo tires are manufactured in an eco-friendly process and can potentially save billions of tires from polluting our landfills. More than 10.000.000 tons of bike tires and tubes are discarded every year. The manufacturing process of traditional rubber tires requires eight to nine steps. A single tire requires numerous hours of production including labor, materials and resources consumed during the manufacturing period. NEXO tires only require one process and only take 30 minutes to produce - this makes them greener to produce and to recycle. The Nexo Tires are unique because they attach to your existing rims. It's as simple as changing your tires for a flat free solution that will save you time and money.