Forest Wool
Furniture and textiles made out of pine needles
Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Tamara Orjola's Forest Wool stools and carpets are made from processed pine needles left over from the timber industry. By crushing, soaking, steaming, binding and pressing the needles, Orjola extracts the pine needles' fibre and transforms it into textiles, composites and paper. The process also allows essential oils and dye to be extracted and used. Orjola has turned the materials into a pair of minimal benches and an oval carpet she exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2016. Patterned with lines to recall the needles, the furniture shows the possibilities for Forest Wool and other materials leftover from industrial production. Orjola was prompted to experiment with needles after researching the hundreds of millions of pine trees cut down in the EU. Traditionally trees would be used for more than their timber, but with pines, the billions of leftover needles are discarded as waste. Consumers such as IKEA could benefit greatly from this new approach.