A new standard for food safety and quality - No more food waste!
A third of all food produced in the world is wasted, totalling around 1.3 billion tonnes a year. If we reduced the amount of food wasted around the world by 25%, there would be enough food to feed everyone on the planet. ImpactVision’s first product is a package: firstly, a camera that allows a user to get hyperspectral data from food products i.e. beef, based on certain important parameters, such as pH, tenderness and colour. Secondly, a software which interprets the data and sends back relevant, actionable information to the user for decision-making on various aspects of food quality. With this data, food producers can rapidly determine attributes, and prevent food waste from occurring. Within a few years they will be available at a consumer level, integrated into devices such as smartphones, empowering people to see beyond the borders of human vision.  Food quality will then be assessed in real-time and ImpactVision will play a key role in building the food system of the future.