The BLAISY project: Reuse old wind turbine BLAdes for creating an aesthetic daiSY bench
Reuse old wind turbine blade sections for an aesthetically challenging flower/bench furniture.
If we do not act today,we will have 30 tons of highly engineered composite material going to a landfil in 25 years or less.This may not seem like an important problem to solve,however with approximately 700000 blades spinning on the planet, the issue grows substantially.Unfortunately,every time a wind turbine blade is produced,we tap into virgin reserves of precious resources and then deposit the resulting product in the ground when we are done with it.This renders the wind industry less sustainable than we like to think.Critically,because the volume of composite materials remains relatively insignificant compared to plastics and metals,little attention is given.Miljøstyrelsen estimates that 20000 tons of composite material will be landfilled in 6 years in DK alone.The volume of waste to be handled will be of an entirely different magnitude due to government goals for 50% of electricity production to come from wind by 2020.Therefore we propose a way to reuse end-of-life wind turbines.