Prevents drowsy driving by alerting to the first signs of a drop in concentration
Stopsleep is unique effective driver fatigue alarm that warns You BEFORE drowsy driving (up to 5 minutes before dangerous). Ring is worn on the finger and continuously measures your levels of awareness and concentration by using 8 built-in cutaneous sensors which monitor your electrodermal activity, recognizes the loss of awareness and concentration and alarms to prevent falling asleep. So You can avoid the dangerous fatigue and save Your life. StopSleep will alert at the first signs of a drop in awareness, activating even BEFORE you reach the dangerous state of 'micro-sleep' ensuring you always remain alert and safe at the wheel. Drive Alert, Arrive Alive! Features: ? Ready to use straight from the box- no special set-up or maintenance required ? Allergen proof material ? Universal fit - one size fits all ? Fast charging and long battery life