At-home lab-quality fertility translator for women.
How does it work?
Oova was created by a female doctor who had fertility obstacles. In collaboration with Mount Sinai Hospital, Oova ensures every data point is tracked and valuable to a clinician, facilitating easy conversations and making the most of every precious day of conception. The Oova fertility translator works in three steps. The urine test captures two hormones—luteinizing hormone (LH) and progesterone. With the Oova app, the results are scanned and translated, revealing precise hormone levels with straightforward explanations about ovulation. Furthermore, with the Oova app, actionable steps are received daily to improve the ability to conceive, making tracking progress easy.
Why is it needed?
Nowadays, traditional fertility tests use 50-year-old technology. Most at-home tests repackage products from the same manufacturers—that measure everyone against a false, outdated "standard" of a 28-day cycle (which only 33% of women have), causing trackers and tests to misrepresent fertile windows and ovulation. By measuring the luteinizing hormone, Oova uncovers each woman's exact cycle length—for more accurate fertility windows. With this said, Oova tests stand out because they not only quantitatively measure the hormones but also enable a woman's doctor to view her hormone levels through its dashboard in real-time, so she doesn't need to wait for lab results.
How does it improve life?
At its core, Oova is the first to reinvent the urine strip, unlocking the ability to detect your precise hormone levels for more innovative fertility guidance and tracking. Regardless of whether conceiving is a goal, Oova provides the opportunity and awareness of how it is essential to track hormone levels over time. Additionally, it delivers a window into what is going on in the body. Hormone imbalances caused by PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndromecan) impact fertility and ovulation. Many women with PCOS have hormone baselines that don't match what is considered "normal"; by delivering invaluable information that is otherwise unattainable for most people with PCOS without frequent blood tests or visits to your doctor. "Getting pregnant shouldn't feel like the lottery, " thus Oova helps immediate and appropriate action that standard tests wouldn't otherwise provide.