Anonymous crowdsourced polling creating transparency of opinions in a complex post-factual world.
Billions of consumers are about to go online via mobile phones. Still, the world is not getting more transparent. Authoritarian regimes censor, media is biased, politics more extreme and social media creates echo chambers. VOTE empower people to speak their mind, and be heard, via an anonymous, free accessible mobile platform where we only ask for Gender, Age and Region. Basically, we allow all minorities to express themselves without fear of repercussion (anonymous). It is a truly democratic tool that talks about serious matters, like: Politics, Religion, Sexual Orientation and Social Construct (norms and traditions). By making it anonymous, and having all questions framed to Yes/No answers, it becomes easy, playful, safe and insightful. By promoting instant statistics (gratification) VOTE promotes transparency of information to break down assumptions and prejudice in a post-factual, radicalised world.