Lini cube
Lini cube is an educational construction toy. Designed for free and spontaneous development.
Design: Lini cubes comes with a great degree of building freedom. Ideal to improve and test cognitive skills. The simply styled building block Lini cube impresses by the many different arrangements it allows due to its innovative design: there are 105 different ways of fitting one Lini block to the other, among other possibilities it lets further blocks be stuck to the sides. Due to this diversity, the spatial intellect as well as creativity and fantasy are promoted. The design of the block surfaces provides a harmonious and simultaneously functional pattern. Color concept: With shades we, created a unique color concept of six colors that come in three shades each. There are a total of 18 colors that match with any other of those 18 colors. Shades were introduced to help children experiment with matching colors as they build. Colors matter so much in the work of creation, so we wanted to give children tools to intuitively develop a natural test as they play with Lini cubes.