Social Entrepreneurship Project Galaxy Bazaar : Making a Difference Two Students At A Time
Students run business and use net profits to support education of girls from underprivileged section
Project Galaxy Bazaar is a social entrepreneurship project founded by Bijal Damani - The project aims at bridging the social, economic and most importantly opportunity gap and train students to be ethical entrepreneurs - whose focus will be EMPLOYMENT GENERATION instead of Employment Seeking. The Bazaar is a win win for all the involved stakeholders. The net profits generated from the bazaar are used to provide free quality education to girls from underprivileged section of the community. This is the project for the students by the students. Project Galaxy Bazaar has earned more than $ 125000 and used it to support education of needy. The project helps both types of students - participating student get trained to become ethical entrepreneur and learn to run the businesses successfully and girls from underprivileged section of the community ,who otherwise would have been pushed in to child labour or child marriage, get a chance to get education. Idea is scalable &replicable.