Let Me Re-Live : Paper Cups
Recycling campaign about 'a life of paper cup with numbers' by using the experimental animation.
This is one of the series of the Let Me Re-Live campaign. Using single used paper cups is a part of our lives these days. I researched how much paper cups we are using and how many trees have been cutting because of our convenience. This animation is describing a life of a paper cup based on the statistic numbers. At this moment, it is hard to recycle paper cups because of the high expenses of the recycling process in the U.S., but we cannot continuously avoid this problem. The purpose of the paper cup animation is to make people have responsibility of using paper cups and encourage people to recycle them. I did not want to use a number of paper cups. In order to save the paper cups, I drew pictures on the letter papers and cut the papers, and then wrapped the papers on the small amount of paper cups.