LifeHacket Trio
Repurposing discarded lifejackets into a trio of products that comforts humanity and the environment
The Summer of 2015 witnessed the mass migration of people seeking refuge, safety and security in Europe. Over 1 million people made the perilous journey via the Greek Islands. The small island of Kos became a frontline destination with 800 arrivals per day in October 2015. Many arrived with nothing but their life jacket. Agencies such as UNHCR, MSF and Kos-Solidarity provided essential non-food items such as donated clothing, blankets and hygiene kits. The LifeHacket project, in association with Kos-Solidarity seeks to address two challenges. Firstly, to repurpose discarded lifejackets into a trio of useful products for refugees and irregular migrants: a backpack for storing life’s essentials, a pillow made from used foam inserts and a simple belt to make ill-fitting trousers fit. Secondly, to restore the natural environment spoilt by abandoned life jackets. Kos-Solidarity is 1 of 16 volunteer groups that was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their humanitarian support.