UNYQ Scoliosis Brace
Reimagining scoliosis treatment with a connected, fashionable 3D printed brace.
Scoliosis, the abnormal curvature of the spine, impacts 5 in every 1000 children. The only proven treatment requires the child to wear a constricting back brace for up to 22 hours a day during their formative years. Compliance is the name of the game. If the curve progresses too far, an invasive spinal surgery is required. Unfortunately, scoliosis braces haven't changed over the last 40 years and remain unappealing to the kids who experience their adolescent years stuck in them. UNYQ is changing this by introducing a connected, 3D printed brace. Each brace is printed to the clinical needs and personal desires of the patient. Embedded sensors track when the brace is being worn. Connected apps motivate the child to reach their bracing goals, give parents piece of mind and enable doctors to provide the best possible care. The UNYQ Scoliosis Brace is as much fashion as it is medical device. For a treatment that relies on the patient's willingness to comply, this design is life changing!