Hunnie activates the collective imaginary in a top-down transformation process to 'new nature'.
Hunnie ('them' in local slang) designed and tested new forms of recreation in a 470-hectare peat meadow landscape in The Netherlands. The polder is destined to exchange its agricultural function for a nature reserve in the context of a European wide plan to link ecological zones and allow flora and fauna to migrate and diversify. Hunnie's focus is the collective imaginary of man in relation to this 'new nature'. Local fishermen, hunters, historians, geologists, biologists, dieticians, artists, water engineers a.o. were given the role of guides in a series of 11 seasonal Adventures – hybrid forms of nature and culture – related to water, clay, grass, fauna, wilderness or willow. International scientists and thinkers were asked to provide a reflective framework. Urbanites were attracted through a collection of products & outdoor equipment, and a symposium: Polder Seeks Amateur. What are our desires for nature made of? And to which form of nature do we want to contribute?