MagFan wall mount fan
In a comparison with the most efficient fans today, MagFan offers up to 70 % energy reduction
The MagFan (world pat. pending) wall fan offers an unprecedented combination of high capacity and extreme efficiency. The unit completely changes the perception of a fan. The stackable components offer safe, ultra-compact shipping, and the fan’s simplistic design and rugged construction makes it the simplest to install easiest to run fan ever. In a direct comparison against the most efficient fans on the market today, MagFan offers up to 70 % lower energy consumption at equivalent flow rates, and it generally offers a higher maximum flow capacity than all other fans of equivalent size. MagFan is designed with sustainability in mind. It is built under strict environmental control in Denmark with the specific purpose of reducing energy consumption in both developed areas with high energy prices as well as in less developed regions where access to energy is the limiting factor.