DIY Gamer Kit
The DIY Gamer Kit helps you learn to make and code your own game console to become techno-literate.
Making is at the heart of what it means to be human. When we play, tinker and create, we understand the world through our own experience. Technology Will Save Us aims to inspire a new creative generation to see technology as a tool for solving problems. We are on a mission to provide families, educators and young people new opportunities to improve life using technology. Launched in 2013 the DIY Gamer Kit has become a much loved serious play tool across the world from after school clubs to elderly homes and MOMA stores. The kit helps you build your own handheld games console from scratch, then code and invent your own games using our custom software and the open-source platform Arduino. Each Gamer comes with an infrared sensor so you can play with your friends. Making, coding, inventing and playing with the Gamer instills skills for the 21st century - like electronics, coding, soldering, problem solving and debugging - in a fun and hands-on way.