The first virtual reality company dedicated to social good
How does it work?
Using game technology and the immersive power of virtual reality, Enliven provides the next generation of empathy training and education. Experience a situation through the eyes of a victim. Feel what it’s like to witness domestic violence as a child. Or how it feels when you are being bullied or discriminated against in the workplace. Enliven’s VR is a proven new way to educate the workforce of today and tomorrow, which you have to experience to understand.
Why is it needed?
When you really feel what the other feels, that’s the start of true understanding. Enrich your training, educational course or therapy with interactive virtual-reality simulations where participants briefly walk in someone else’s shoes and genuinely feel what the other feels. Interested to know what this innovation can do for you?
How does it improve life?
Enliven is the first company to fully deploy virtual reality in order to advance a social goal: to create more understanding for our fellow human beings. Genuine understanding for each other is the basis for successful behavioural change. If you feel what the other feels, you are better able to help them on the road to a better and more confident life. We believe that the more lives we touch, the more we can drive meaningful change. Thanks to our virtual reality experiences we help to address social challenges and make the world a little better and brighter. To guarantee the impact of our simulations, we work closely with experienced experts from diverse organizations and perspectives for each specific theme.