Restoration Agriculture
Restoration Agriculture uses biomimicry to produce staple foods while enhancing ecosystems.
Humans have destroyed hundreds of millions of square miles of ecosystems to plant annual agriculture plants since the beginning of modern human civilization. Every single human society that has relied on annual crops as staple foods in their diet has collapsed. Restoration Agriculture (RA) has the potential to fundamentally change the face of agriculture by reversing this trend. Its primary goal is to provide staple food production from fully functional, perennial ecological farming systems by growing the calories, carbs, proteins, oils, and medicines we all need for well-being. This has the potential to change global ecological health and re-vegetate the planet, one farm at a time. RA is replicable across biomes because the process analyzes local plant communities of any given region. RA integrates agroforestry practices with holistic water & livestock management. RA is intended to improve life for all species and create a future of food abundance. Come visit New Forest Farm!