We celebrate people using design to change the world

Meet the Index Award 2021 finalists
Kelp yarns for a circular fashion future
Making the digital future inclusive
Hegenberger Speculum
A medical tool for post-birth suturing
Margo Kit
The redesigned rape kit
Bringing telepathy one step closer
The hormone-free contraceptive
Ponto 4
Hearing the world with new clarity
Saving newborns’ lives in sub-Saharan settings
Fast, free software to manage hypertension patients
Space Hippie
From trash to trendy sneakers
Crop waste turned material turned energy source
Friendly banking to combat financial despair
Flash Forest
Flying reforestation to resuscitate planet Earth
The Uber of recycling: keeping recyclable goods in the loop
Fly me to the moon!
Addressing a growing problem with proxy homes
Just when you thought mushrooms couldn’t be any more magic
Automating weed control for farmers and food security
Potrero Digital
Fostering digital skills in youth in a digital way
Giving new life to single-use gloves
Sehat Kahani
Enabling ‘doctor brides’ to work for Pakistan’s good health
Working from home got a holographic upgrade
Environmental data collection empowering change
The Billie System
A game-changer for fashion and textile brands to go truly circular
xvision Spine System
AR sight for a surgeon’s eyes
AI Learning Helper
AI Teachers guiding homeschooled kids
Biodesign in Schools
Disruptive education strategy sustaining Colombia’s future
LEGO® Braille Bricks
The iconic toy just became a whole lot more inclusive
Sana Labs
Leaving one-size-fits-all learning behind
The Uncensored Library
The game making way for journalistic freedom
Toys for Quarantine
Building STEAM toys to upskill the next generation
Truepic Vision and Foresight
Seeing is believing: the platform putting trust back into visual media
Goodbye food waste!
Algorithmic Justice League
AI’s threats to civil rights and democracy
Amsterdam Circular Strategy 2020-2025
The city working to close the loop
Carbios Enzyme
Nature bites back!
Move-over styrofoam!
Energy Observer
An expedition for the ultimate green energy test
One AI chip to rule them all
Magnifying glasses harnessing 1,000 degrees of sunpower
Fish waste film without a footprint
Paper bottles beating an old plastic habit
Planetary Computer
Using data to assess the world’s health
Planet Positive Textiles
Freshwater-free textiles healing the world
A futuristic under-water research station
Off-grid vaccine transportation
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Community event on repurposing the sustainable agenda
Meet the Diseño Responde winners!
Meet the top projects of our COVID-19 design challenge in Latin America
A cross-platform content aggregator that reduces the carbon emissions of digital entertainment.
Respinning the textile industry with the world’s most circular fibre.
ENABLE FOUNDATION “death objects” designed with citizens for green burials and better grieving.
Integrating active learning and hands-on making into the regular STEM curriculum.
Enabling healthier living with light and making it available for everyone
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Project Coelicolor
Can biology fix the fashion industry?
The Mars-shot design that could help us survive on Earth
LED lights to reduce bycatch by up to 90%
Xbox Adaptive Controller
The redesigned game controller that lets everyone play
Solar Foods
Making food from electricity and CO2
Temporary tattoos to empower diabetic children
Vertical ocean farms that can feed us and help our seas
A ground-breaking drone delivery system saving lives in remote Africa
A 20-cent hand-powered centrifuge
A revolutionary addressing system to put everyone, everywhere on the map
Internet 2.0: A new platform to give the power back to the people
The future of scientific education
Peek Retina
Instant eye exams anywhere in the world
Tesla Powerwall
A home battery offering independence from the power grid
The Ocean Cleanup Array
A system to rid the world's oceans of plastic
Sky Urban Vertical Farming System
Vertical farms to boost veggie output with minimum space
The free language-learning platform translating the web
Transforming sunshine into water
The Climate Adaptation Plan
The Danish capital's ambitious adaption plan to climate change
The Natalie Collection
A trio of designs to reduce child and maternal mortality
Raspberry Pi
The $25 computer
Taking on global food waste with a simple sheet of paper
Smart Highway
Roads that communicate with drivers to promote traffic safety and efficiency
Social housing in a groundbreaking new way
A simple design process that enables children to become drivers of change
The first holistic design-based approach to improving life for citizens in large cities
The cycling helmet that won't ruin your hair
See Better to Learn Better (VerBien)
Corrective and customisable eyewear designed for children and youth
Embrace Infant Warmer
A solution to give all infants an equal chance for a healthy life
Street Swags
An innovative bed and a bag designed for people living on the streets
A stove to limit the dangerous health conditions caused by traditions of indoor cooking
Better Place
Electric vehicle infrastructure that makes electric transport convenient and affordable
PIG 05049
Tracing and charting all the products made from a single commercial pig
A peer-to-peer lending platform to give everyone access to financial capital
Freeplay Fetal Heart Rate Monitor
Safeguarding childbirth where expert care and electrical power are in short supply
Architecture for Humanity
Architectural and design solutions to global or humanitarian crises
Apple iTunes, iPod
A giant leap for forward for music and digital rights management
Observatorio Iberoamericano
A strategy, network and website focused on improving life for 40 million craftsmen in Latin America
A paper (or textile) wall transforming spaces into more intimate and personal surroundings
A life-saving device that instantly cleans contaminated water
Giving resource-constrained and offline communities access to communication tech
Tesla Roadster
The icon that made electric cars cool
Tongue Sucker
The humble first aid device that could save your life
YellowOne Needle Cap
A cap to protect against needle infections
Mobility for Each One
The $8.00 prosthetic leg
Solar Bottle
One sixth of the world's population can't access safe drinking water - it this the answer?