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Each award cycle we receive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of nominations, which are boiled down to just five winners. But, (and it's a big one) while we believe it's important to celebrate the best, we don't believe the impact should stop there.

The Index Award pipeline is an invaluable and ever-growing source of great solutions, regardless of winning status, that are ripe for investment — both human and financial. That's why we've gone beyond award-giving to investing directly into the pipeline via our investment entity, Design to Improve Life Capital Management.

Browse our current portfolio below or if you've got questions, check our FAQ.

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Fun(d) News - Q3
Summer of vaccine distribution, pineapple sneakers and farmer empowerment
Fun(d) News - Q2
Here’s to textiles, drones, social farming networks and nuclear energy
Fun(d) News - Q1
From Founder of the year to the future of energy
Design to Improve Life Fund I + II
DNA-based platform for massive digital data storage
Mimica Lab
Reactive food labelling cutting food waste in half
AI bot for reporting workplace harassment
ExSeed Health
Smart at-home sperm testing device to improve men’s fertility health
An AI platform for the future of learning
Vegan fabrics made from pineapple fibres
a marketplace and networking site for small-holder farmers
A credit-scoring platform for the underserved
The global platform securing the next generation of farmers
SMS-based weather forecasts for tropical farmers
A ground-breaking drone delivery system saving lives in remote Africa
24/7 access to conversations for the hearing impaired
Metallic conductive inks for consumer electronics, wearables and e-textiles
Seaborg Technologies
A green-tech company using state-of-the-art sustainable, safe and cheap nuclear technology
An AI-powered science assistant that functions like a search tool
A universal addressing system using a new global grid
Zipline, which delivers lifesaving medical supplies by drone, now valued at $1.2 billion
Chile’s Destacame raises $3 million to boost consumer financial access
Three-unique-words 'map' used to rescue mother and child
Ford adopts what3words support to ease navigation woes
Zipline's new $190 million funding means it's the newest contender in the game of drones