The Index Project
Index Award 2005 Finalists
The EcoSource project
Designing an eco-directory for Bangalore

Functionality and use of design
The final solution is a print directory since in Bangalore we felt it is more accessible at the moment from other mediums. It is structured to have stories, facts, investigations and evaluations of products, services and ideas of ecology. It is designed to inform, provoke, inspire and clarify. 

This design is meant to allow the user to reach an address through three different indexes. These act as gateways to access the information and allow the user to see different facets of the same question. This will enhance the users understanding and enable them to get a more holistic impression of ecology, which is what we desire.

How did this design improve life?
This design has been conceived to create a new resource for Bangalore which provides information in a manner that is different from normal listings. Bangalore does not have a compilation of eco-related material. The IT face of Bangalore is more prominent than the fact that it’s a eco-crises in the making. The design of this directory hopes to show the interconnectedness of ecology and provoke decision making. It hopes that ordinary citizens will understand the issues that usually are not black and white through the way the information has been categorized.

Drawbacks of life improvement
The drawbacks of this solution is that it still hasn’t fully happened.
It needs to be sold to a existing publisher

Research and need
The research included a focus group discussion along with surveys of 150 people in Bangalore from different income groups. Investigations of two products were also intensive. These were “soil-cement block” and “solar water heaters”. These revealed that what users wanted to know was very often what sellers did not want to tell. We also analyzed other directories to see how information was categoriesed traditionally to learn from here. All this helped us decide how to design to prevent mis-information and clarify without missing out the layers. 

Designed by
Poonam Bir Kasturi, Nomita Khatri, Tanushree Bhat, Kanikya Kini, Tara Goswami, Gitanjali P & Shikha S - India