Solar Surgery Light
One solarcell and one solar surgery light. Six hours of sun give workinglight for three days. Lightdiodes with a lifetime of more than 20 years. You just need a new carbattery every 2nd year and you have got light for 20 years where there is no electricity.

Functionality and use of design
Six hours of sun give three days of light. You turn the light on and point it in the direction where you need it. The unit can be folded and turned around on its big wheels (maybe the floor is earth). You can hide it so nobody steels it or put it on the roof of a car.

How did this design improve life?
The design improves life for people all over the world, where there is no electricity. If you during an operation can't see the wound properly the patient may die. In all kinds of catastrophes people needs light to help others.

Drawbacks of life improvement
The battery is poluting.

Research and need
The unit has been tested by four different M.d's in Denmark and found ok for surgery. Anders Fjendbo Joergensen with 8 yoears of experience in Africa has been a consultant on this project. An african medical student has been visiting, interviewing medical personal and photographing different rural health clinics in Africa.

Designed by
Kent Laursen - Denmark