Round Zone Container
Round Zone Containers are made of 100 % paper yarn and they come in three sizes. The uncomplicated design of Round Zone Containers is a well-balanced combination of pure natural material and clear, simple forms. Round Zone Containers are available in six colors.

Functionality and use of design
Round Zone Containers offer innovation solutions for storing everyday items both in the home and in office environment. Round zone containers are easily adaptable to interiors of different styles. They are not just functional objects but also add to the aesthetics of the space where they are used.

How did this design improve life?
Round Zone Containers offer an innovative way of storing everyday items, combining aesthetics and function.

Drawbacks of life improvement

Research and need
The design was created by combining the beauty and aesthetics of natural material with a real function to produce items that would be of use in everyday life. Because of their timeless design and strong material, Round Zone Containers are a good example of sustainable and ecological design.

Designed by
Minna Ahokas - Finland