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Index Award 2017 Finalists
Renovacare SkinGun™
A stem cell spray to heal burn victims

Conventional skin graft surgery is painful, prone to complications and slow-to-heal, not to mention life-threatening if unsuccessful. Currently, an estimated 143 million patients worldwide suffer severe burns, chronic and acute wounds, acne scarring, skin defects, and diseases such as vitiligo. And according to the National Institutes of Health, skin disorders currently account for 40% of occupational disease claims in the US alone.

The patented Renovacare SkinGun™ was designed to address this in a revolutionary way by spraying a liquid suspension of a patient’s own stem cells onto her wounds. The spray then regrows the skin across e.g. a burn by spreading thousands of tiny regenerative ‘islands’, rather than forcing the wound to heal from its edge to the inside.

The Renovacare Skin Gun’s complete process takes a relatively short 90-minutes and is the first-of-its-kind autologous (self-donated) stem cell therapy for the regeneration of human body’s largest organs, the skin. It holds the potential for a significant reduction of healing time (in some cases, patients will be able to leave the hospital within only a few days, rather than the many weeks required by other alternative treatments) and minimized complications with aesthetically and functionally satisfying outcomes.