The Index Project
Index Award 2017 Finalists
A satellite concept beaming energy across the world

Every hour, our planet is hit with enough sunlight to sustain the entire world economy for a whole year. But the big challenge of energy distribution remains not generating the energy, or the cost of this, but the costs of getting the energy to its users. And specifically in terms of solar energy, a transmission of energy is often needed, because the sun does not always shine where you need it.

ReBeam moves large amounts of energy wirelessly. The company’s moonshot is to beam Gigawatts of energy across continents using Wi-Fi frequencies, and their first product is ‘Rebeam for Drones’, designed to allow any drone to fly indefinitely up to a height of 100 meters. This is extremely useful for film-making, surveillance, deliveries, and area monitoring without having to think about the drone running out of energy. It works by taking the solar energy from panels and transforming it into microwaves, which are then sent to satellites in geo orbit 36,000 kilometers above Earth. From here, the satellites can reflect the energy down to solar farms on the other side of the planet.

Rebeam for Drones is about wireless low-cost energy transmission and about empowering small solar farms, by providing a means of transmission and distribution that is low cost and therefore can support a large-scale distribution of sustainable energy. It is about delivering energy to anywhere it is needed.