The Index Project
Index Award 2009 Finalists
Pill Time
A simple and user-friendly pill management system that automatically loads the pills and has a safety lock to prevent accidental overdose.

The current products for pill management are inadequate, confusing, and unsuitable for elder patients. Many senior citizens have to take as many as 10-20 pills at different times throughout the day. They often forget to take their pills or cannot remember if they have already taken the pills, which results in accidental overdose.

“In America alone, more than 125,000 people die each year due to prescription noncompliance, twice the number killed in automobile accidents,” explained Californian designer Vincent Berkely Chen. “At the moment, the only way to solve the problem is to hire an in-house nurse or to put the patient in a nursing home, which is a huge financial burden.”

The Pill Time Management System concept is comprised of three products: a pill bottle, a personal medication assistant, and a loading station. The designs have cozy styling and minimum features to suit the needs of the elderly users. The slightly shaded body does not glare or get dirty easily, while still providing adequate contrast.

“This design can improve hundreds of millions of elder chronic patients’ lives by reminding them to take their medications on time and stay healthy,” said Chen. “Others who cannot remember to take their medication will benefit from this system as well.”

Designed by
Vincent Berkeley Chen - United States