Penguin Army
An online community that creates awareness among young people and call to action in the fight against global warming

As the result of strategic, social, and communication design, Penguin Army aims to prove that being green does not have to be boring. The community promotes a fun, green lifestyle on their blog, by hosting CO2-neutral parties, giving away eco-friendly tools, and making exciting happenings and street art. In this way, they encourage people to take matters into their own hands.

“Unless we take action the consequences of the climate changes will have a devastating impact on life as we know it,” explained designers Louise Ryberg,

Mathias Stilling Ambus and Sille Krukow. “To approach this frightening prospect we wanted to create a mind-altering solution.”

Penguin Army is a platform that targets young people, who do not know how to react on the overwhelming facts about global warming. The community shows how a more sustainable lifestyle can be achieved by adopting small and manageable changes to our daily routines.

The community is designed for young people in the Western world where consumption and pollution are widespread. By using fun, creative and innovative initiatives such as street art, guerilla actions and viral media like YouTube and Facebook Penguin Army generates lots of attention and reaches the young generation.

‘We want your action – not your money’ is the statement of the community, in which the user’s state of mind is more important than officially being a supporter.

“We are glad to see that people are joining the Penguin Army. We have a high number of users on the blog, overcrowded parties and hopefully even more will live out the green lifestyle.”

Designed by
Louise Ryberg, Mathias Stilling Ambus and Sille Krukow