iPlus 2G3G with WiFi
An on-street digital terminal, designed to be accessible to all and to withstand harsh environmental conditions

The touch-screen interface is housed within a rugged steel shell, with toughened glass side-panels and ceiling, for greater privacy and protection against the elements.

Functionality and use of design
The iPlus terminal is activated by pedestrian users touching the interactive screen to access information. The interface guides users to their chosen area of interest. The LED illumination in the roof brackets alerts potential users to the presence of the terminal at night.

How did this design improve life?
On-street iPlus Points are free to use and offer those on the move or without internet access at home or work, the use of online services anytime, 365 days a year. With the needs of a community constantly changing, Cityspace works alongside third party providers to continuously update the internet-based content. This helps deliver relevant information and services to users such as:

  • Who’s My Councillor? – offering a new channel of dialogue with their representative
  • Council feedback – empowering residents to report incidents and raise community issues
  • A-Z of council services – providing direct access to online council services
  • Freemail – send emails to anywhere in the world as well as e-postcards and video mails
  • Job search – provides job opportunities within the public and private sectors
  • Street maps – users can find where they are and even locate an address
  • What’s on – a guide to local nights out
  • BBC local, national and international news
  • Confidential advice on services such as Missing Persons and Childline

Another key benefit is the Cityspace Wi-Fi hotspot that offers users free access to wireless broadband within 300m of the iPlus Point. The design houses also mobile base stations where there is the need for additional mobile capacity or coverage.

Today iPlus Points are used by millions of people in the UK; the most popular applications include street maps, Free-mail and local services. A typical network of 25 well located iPlus Points generates over 50,000 users per month, with more than 80% satisfied with the service and keen to use it again.

Drawbacks of life improvement

Research and need
The research has been broken down into key points of consideration within the design:

General Health & safety:

  • Glass reinforcement
  • Avoids Trip hazards (sighted and visually impaired)
  • Comprises Power routing and circuit breakers – isolation in the instance of a RTA (road traffic accident) – hence feeder pillar
  • Avoids litter and bomb traps
  • Avoids climb points & protrusions


  • Design calculations for wind & people loading governing foundations specified
  • Research was conducted into the physical conditions at various locations to ensure ease of - installation and maximize potential sites


  • Minimized prize points
  • Toughened glass roof and side panels
  • Toughened glass, shock absorbers and ‘quick change’ touch screen design.
  • Hidden water management


  • Lacquered powder coat
  • Flanged screen box providing finished edges for vinyl graphics

Theft and other crime

  • Hidden locks, hinges & bolts, dummy bolts
  • Bespoke anti-theft glass fixings
  • Bespoke PC security

Designed by
Wood&Wood Design & Cityspace - United Kingdom