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Index Award 2015 Finalists
Groasis Waterboxx
Self-watering trees reclaim desert land

As climate change and carbon emission continue to degrade our natural environment, our desert land is growing - consuming our fruitful land space and making it more and more difficult for vegetation and animals to survive. Dry ecosystems are the most susceptible to desertification, and according to GreenFacts, 10 to 20% of drylands are already degraded. This ongoing desertification threatens the world’s poorest populations as well as the prospects of poverty reduction.

The Groasis Waterboxx is a great solution to save dry ecosystems and reclaim deserts by mimicking how seeds are planted and grown in the natural world. Placed on top of the ground, the Waterboxx acts as a protective vessel that allows the seed - once planted - to remain moist and protected from the harsh elements.

Once the plant begins to sprout, water is inserted into the top and bottom layers of the waterboxx, and as the temperature changes throughout the day and evening, moisture is continuously reproduced via condensation - and small pipes in the box feed water to the plant as it's needed. Underneath the waterboxx is a tiny wick inserted into the soil, keeping the land up to two metres below hydrated, and creating an ideal environment for the roots to spread. The vessel is also specially designed to keep the plant at optimal temperature, as well as capture rainwater without flooding the plant. Once the tree is mature enough, the waterboxx can be removed and used on the next seed.

Designed to combat desertification through reforestation, with Groasis Technology the survival rate for plants is over 90% - with no irrigation required. Inexpensive and easy to install, the Groasis Waterboxx can be used by small farmers, corporate companies, NGO’s, investors and even governments.

Designed by
Pieter Hoff - The Netherlands