The Index Project
Index Award 2011 Finalists
PUMA: Clever Little Bag
A sustainable replacement for the traditional shoebox

Boxes contribute to millions of tons of waste a year; and even with proposed second uses, they are eventually thrown out. The Clever Little Bag is a sustainable replacement for the traditional shoebox, using 65% less cardboard. This bag and box system has no printing or tissue, easily assembles, takes up less space, weighs less in shipping, replaces the plastic retail bag and is completely recyclable. It will reduce water, energy and diesel use on the manufacturing level alone by over 60% per year. The second use bag opportunities are also a fundamental part of this design, furthering the system’s environmental reach and brand extension.

In partnering with PUMA, former INDEX: Award winner fuseproject has created a packaging system that greatly reduces PUMA’s environmental footprint and builds on their initiatives toward cleaner, greener and safer practices. To achieve a significant impact in the retail industry, it was needed to create an easily adaptable system that would seamlessly integrate into an established infrastructure. Therefore, the design maintains important shoebox qualities like a stackable structure and protection for the shoes inside.

With this minimalist design approach, PUMA not only dramatically decreases their own environmental impact, but as an industry leader, the company inspires change among other companies, creating an eco-conscious ripple effect.

Designed by
Yves Béhar, Josh Morenstein, Nick Cronan and Seth Murray (United States of America), 2010