The Index Project
Index Award 2011 Finalists
Learning Landscape
An educational playground where kids can learn while they play

For many children, verbal classroom instruction is not the ideal way to learn. Problem solving-based learning is a much more engaged way for children not only to grow comfortable with new concepts but also to apply them to real-world scenarios.

The Learning Landscape responds to children's needs to move, interact and learn social skills. It also provides an outdoor learning space in which children can be physically active. The Learning Landscape is in addition an effective tool for teachers to estimate their students' understanding of new concepts in real time, based on their engagement with the game. Most importantly, Learning Landscape is fun, making play central to the elementary learning experience. In terms of geographical context, Learning Landscape can be built anywhere in the world and is ideal for ages 4-13.

Learning Landscape has two major advantages. First, the design is accessible, both in use and in its construction. The playground can be built in one day by unskilled labor using found and reclaimed materials. Second, Learning Landscape is a play-based solution for any subject, any age group and any language, making it a solution for literally any location in the world.

Designed by
Heleen de Goey (the Netherlands), Ilona de Jongh (the Netherlands), Matthew Miller, Neha Thatte, Emily Pilloton, Kristina Drury and Dan Grossman (United States of America), 2008