The Index Project
Index Award 2011 Finalists
The Secret Life Series
Short, engaging videos highlighting the environmental impact of consumer choices

The environment is in crisis, yet governments have not been able to co-operate on solutions because politics and misinformation always get in the way. And despite the impending climate crisis, only 18% of Americans take action to combat global warming or act in environmentally responsible ways. Many people do not understand how things are produced, what happens as a result of the production process or where things go after they are discarded.

However, once people have access to the tools necessary to understand a product’s life cycle, they recognize their own role in the value chain, which enables them to make greener choices. The Secret Life videos are done in documentary style with a light touch, the videos are concise, entertaining and have the potential to reach viewers of diverse backgrounds in a multitude of contexts. The videos combine interviews with ordinary people, scientists, researchers and green entrepreneurs with humorous animation, music and stock footage to produce entertaining and thoroughly researched accounts of the subjects.

The videos are designed to be easy to understand and nonpolitical in order to communicate with as wide an audience as possible and provide solutions that empower viewers from all walks of life to take more environmentally responsible actions. The Secret Life series decisively transcends politics in an effort to inspire a bottom-up movement.

Designed by
Virginia Ramsey, Nate Ackerman, Loch Phillips and Yogeeta Dastane - United States of America