A web-based platform for open-source, collaborative social innovation

All design challenges posted on seek a solution for social good. The site’s first challenge got more people involved in British chef Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Subsequent challenges have helped generate a catalogue of potential low-cost educational tools and services for the developing world. Furthermore, the platform’s technology has been used to build a separate online community for Sony and the World Wildlife Fund, marking the first time that Sony has opened up its proprietary technologies for environmental causes.

To this end, is designed to leverage IDEO’s abilities to attract creative talent, to encourage a collaborative approach to problem-solving and to provide clear feedback on design concepts. What is in it for the users? The knowledge that their actions are doing some social good, the opportunity to be inspired and to inspire others, and the recognition they receive when they contribute to a winning design. Winning designs may be produced by whoever choosing to do so; all concepts are generated under a Creative Commons license.

IDEO believes that innovation requires collaboration and that technology can facilitate teamwork across great distances. They considered 100+ ways to engage people in design challenges, but could not find an online platform that accommodated all of their needs, so they created their own. IDEO’s aim was to include people on their virtual team and signal that all contributions are helping to achieve a larger goal.

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