The Index Project
Index Award 2011 Finalists
A solar-hybrid charger that provides electricity in the most remote settings

In many parts of the developing world people still do not have grid access. Without electricity many are cut off from the rest of the world if they cannot recharge their mobile phones—a device more and more people possess.

The most obvious source to provide the power is energy generated by the sun, which is so powerful that in just one hour, the amount of energy that falls on Earth equals the amount used by the world’s population in a whole year. The sun’s potential provides off-the-grid energy that makes it possible to access vital information through the use of mobile technology.

Solio allows villagers without grid access to charge their cell phones, power radios and lighting systems—all of which can be seen as tools of empowerment for people in developing countries. It helps farmers gain knowledge about market prices and therefore sell products at the best possible price. It allows school children and students to study even after the sun has set. It provides the basis for money transferring through controlled channels. Additionally, Solio can be used in natural disaster zones, where it is vital to get information out to the people affected. All this and much, much more is made possible by the use of solar-hybrid power chargers, like the Solio, in off-the-grid areas.

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Dave Fowler and Better Energy Systems Inc. - United Kingdom