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21st Century Nursing Bag
A 21st century kit to deliver a top-class patient experience

Today, people are living longer and many co-exist with a long-term condition such as diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Because of this enormous change, home – as an alternative healthcare setting – is attracting widespread support as homes delivers major cost benefits. It reduces the burden on hospitals, improves patient outcomes and reduces the risk of catching drug resistant infections (MRSA).

Globally, over one billion people now receive patient care away from a building called a hospital. Community nurses need new tools specifically designed to tackle the challenges posed by this setting. The current bags they use are unsafe and unfit for the purpose, and they increase the risk of patients contracting a drug resistant infection because the bags are not made from materials that actively prevent an infection in spreading from one patient to the next.

The 21st Century Nursing Bag addresses the challenges that the modern community nurse faces in her daily work. It delivers safety, productivity and economic benefits, saving providers up to US$2,600 per nurse each year. The quality and effectiveness benefits are gained through the standardization of clinical care in an inconsistent setting. A modular drawer system improves the organization of clinical materials, increases productivity and reduces the physical strain on the nurse. Economic benefits are attained through infection control design measures to minimize the risk and spread of virulent infections (MRSA). Finally, the bag improves the comfort of patients and the well-being of staff by reducing absence due to back illnesses.

Designed by
David Swann - United Kingdom