About the Board of Directors

(1) The board of directors is the ultimate authority of the foundation. The board is self-elective and constitutes itself under the articles of association.  

(2) The board of directors comprises 3-7 members with relevant international experience in design, business,  education, consulting, investment and sustainability or otherwise of relevance to the objects of the foundation.  The composition of the board of directors must reflect both social (gender and ethnicity) and professional  (multitude of skills) diversity.  

(3) The board of directors elects a Chairman among its members and may elect a vice-chairman among its members, nominated and decided by a simple majority. 

(4) The chairman is appointed for a three-year term at a time. Individual board members are elected for two years at a time and may be re-elected after his/her term, with a maximum of three terms. Election of board members takes place at the annual meeting, the date and time of which is determined by the board. 

(5) A board member can at any time resign from the board of directors. If a board member resigns during the election period, the board of directors is self-elective under the articles of association.  

The Index Project Board members and Vice-Chair receive DKK 30,000 annually in compensation. The Chair receives DKK 60,000 annually.